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August 1, 2016

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Do you love the first of a month as much as I do? I love the feeling of getting another fresh start and creating new goals for the next 30/31 days. One goal my Husband and I set was to start exercising again. I had to stop when I found out I was pregnant (ironically I had just lost all my weight from the last 3 pregnancies and was finally back to my weight I was a year ago…and then I got pregnant again) and couldn’t do anything really physical including walking and being on my feet for long periods of time. Now that I’m well into my 2nd trimester (18 weeks!), I can slowly begin working out again. I’m proud and happy to say we managed to get up really early this morning and hit the gym! I walked very slowly on the treadmill for about a half hour and then spent some time bouncing and stretching on an exercise ball. It’s starting to become uncomfortable for me to sit on a chair or the couch and I heard an exercise ball is a more comfortable alternative. I have to say it did help and felt much better. Plus it’s a good way to strengthen your core and pelvic muscles to prepare you for labor. I’ll try anything if it means an easier birth! I’ll also be looking into prenatal yoga classes soon which I’m super excited about. I miss yoga and I’m really looking forward to taking classes again.

Some other goals I set for myself this month include:

  • Eat healthier – Baby Boy does not like fruits and vegetables. I couldn’t even look at them during my first trimester without feeling gross. Now that my cravings have become more manageable, I’m trying to incorporate more greens and fruits and less meats and carbs. Fortunately I still don’t desire any sweets so that’s been easy to avoid.

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  • Improve on time management and get more organized – I used to be so much better at this but recently have been slacking in this area which isn’t good. As you know, I started a Bullet Journal a week ago and although I haven’t used it for very long, I am really loving it so far.
  • Read 1 parenting book this month – I plan on tackling this one.

uppababy, uppababy cruz, stroller

Miles testing out a potential baby stroller. He didn’t want to get out of this one so we may have a winner!

  • Set up our baby registry – Fortunately most of my girlfriends have kids and they’ve been tremendous in helping us navigate through all the baby necessities and giving us recommendations and sage advice. I’ll share soon all the gear we chose for Baby Lance!

Do you create monthly goals for yourself and your family? What have you discovered that’s been useful in helping you stay on track?

P.S. We’re getting closer to Fall! Yay!!

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