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September 21, 2016

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Tory Burch Quilted Slouchy Baby Bag

You guys, I’m entering my 3rd trimester in about a week and our baby shower is next month! As RSVPs are trickling in and brown paper packages are arriving at our doorstep, we are now knee deep in baby gear and having many wow-this-is-really-happening moments. Things are beginning to feel real now. Like real REAL.

This may sound crazy but one of the most important things for me is to have a chic diaper bag. Ok, I know that does sound kind of crazy but hear me out. In the whirlwind of feedings, diaper changes, and wiping spit up off of me, a nice diaper bag will help me feel like my old self again. Help me not lose my identity in the midst of all things baby. Make me feel like I can still look put together even though I’ll probably be silently freaking out wondering if I remembered to brush my teeth or wear deodorant. It will probably be awhile before I could wear heels again so at least I can carry a nice bag. Does this make sense?

So while researching strollers and car seats and bassinets and things, I’ve also been looking for some chic diaper bags. I definitely don’t want anything that screams diaper bag or even Mom. But I’d also like it to be comfortable and practical. Fortunately, there are a lot of cool options out there now and here are some I’m definitely loving and lusting over. The problem now is how do I narrow it down to one (or 2…or 3)?


These bags are great for those days you need (or want) to be a little more dressed up. Most of them you can carry as both a tote or  a messenger bag. I love the rich color of this bag which would be a great accent to your outfit. So would this bag for that matter. Camel is a great alternative to black and so classic and timeless. But of course, you really can’t go wrong with black and this bag is simple but stylish and will pull any outfit together.



For the more casual days (which, let’s face it, will be most days) I love the idea of cool backpack. I also love how some of them can be worn as just regular bags, too. This cream and black number is so pretty and not as casual for a backpack. And if you’re like me and love some good gold accents, this backpack has our names on it.

Which ones are your favorites? This mama needs to narrow it down before she has more diaper bags than diapers. Any of your personal favorites you’d like to share? Likes and dislikes about the different styles and carrying options? This soon mom-to-be would love your feedback! :)


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