Downtown LA x iPhone

On Saturday, Carlo and I went on a little photography excursion in Downtown LA. It was one of those days where everything was…perfect. And you realize how much adventure one can have in their own backyard. We finished our mini journey in J-Town at Haru-Ulala – a little sushi, a little sake…good times had once again with my art school bff.

photo 600x6001 Downtown LA x iPhone We started at the Bradbury Building – one of my favorite places in LA.

tumblr lywail2WA71qbxkd7o1 500 Downtown LA x iPhone Angels Knoll (aka the park in 500 Days of Summer)

tumblr lyxf634CL51qbxkd7o1 500 Downtown LA x iPhone Another shot of Angels Knoll

tumblr lyxxp8HZed1qbxkd7o1 500 Downtown LA x iPhone Loving the Valentine’s Day cups at Starbucks

Hope you had a lovely weekend, as well! <3

P.S. Camera photos of our Downtown excursion to follow soon…

P.P.S. Can you spot me?

Bradbury Nina1 450x600 Downtown LA x iPhone Photo by Carlo

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