October 28, 2015


I was heading back to LA after having dinner with my family. I was heading back to LA for a date. It was the day after I returned from a quick jaunt to NYC. It was getting late. But I was too excited to let jet lag get the best of me. I was meeting him for our 2nd date. Our first date involved drinks, dessert, and him dropping me off at LAX for my NYC trip. As quickly as we said our first face to face hellos, we said our goodbyes. Our 2nd date would be more traditional — a late movie. We watched Gravity. And just like our first date, this one was perfect.

I quickly snapped this photo with my iPhone before getting in my car to meet Christopher. To everyone else, this is just another photo of a sunset. To me, out of the hundreds of sunset photos I’ve taken, this one is particularly special and instantly takes me back to that evening 2 years ago. When I look at this photo, I remember the excitement and the butterflies. I remember how easily we picked up from where we left off. I remember how everything just felt right. I remember looking at him and knowing he was going to be someone very important and special in my life. I remember something inside me telling me to take this photo. Even before the date happened, I already knew I would want to remember this night.

To me, this is more than just a photo. This was the beginning of the rest of my life. And I’m so glad I paused to take the photo because now I can hold onto this memory for a lifetime.

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