Weekend Recap and Music

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Johnny Depp with a camera…because it’s Monday and we need a little pick me up. ;)
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It’s funny how you can plan your days down to the minute and set a strict schedule and then life throws you a curve ball and the entire thing is blown. This very thing happened this weekend but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I had shoots both Saturday and Sunday and meetings scheduled around them and errands scheduled in between meetings. Basically, I would have been running around like a crazy person. Which is kind of what happened on Saturday. My juggling act included grocery shopping, a visit to Samy’s (see a short video I posted on Vine here), a photoshoot, meeting in Anaheim, and then dinner with my brother and his gf in Buena Park.

Sunday was supposed to be a similar day but then the curve ball came after my morning photoshoot and I had to drop everything and clear my schedule. What was planned to be a crazy day ended up being a somewhat relaxing day for me which was much needed whether I want to admit or not. I got to tidy up the home front which had been sadly neglected due to me hardly being home these days, did laundry, took a leisurely afternoon walk with Bruno, and I finally got to take my new camera for a spin. It’s been awhile since I did any personal shooting so it felt really, really good getting back into it. Closed the day with a glass of wine and some Russell Peters on Netflix. Curve balls can  be fun…

Ok, so now it’s Monday and my to-do list is calling my name. Not to mention that this post is pretty much me rambling on and thinking aloud (and basically having an odd conversation by myself about myself…I guess this is blogging? There I go rambling again…) so I’ll close this post before it gets ridiculous. Ok, before it gets more ridiculous.

Happy Monday, friends! XO

Open – Rhye

Heaven – Depeche Mode

Lately – The Helio Sequence



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