Weekend Pictorial

A summary of my weekend in a nutshell…or iPhone shell: Who says LA has no Fall? Bruno after a day at the doggy spa Croque … Read the rest

Monday Musings 10.03.2011

Huh? October? No, no, you’re early…I wasn’t expecting you for a couple of months! You could have at least brought Fall with you. Please tell … Read the rest

(Manic) MixTape Monday

For some reason my Mondays always seem to arrive with a bang. I wish I could ease into it like a warm bath but it’s … Read the rest

Huntington Beach Engagement Session: Patti+DJ…A Glimpse

Reason #33984863263 why I love my “job”: Not only do I get to meet amazing people from another state but I get to hang out … Read the rest

Happiness is…

…the beach …Bruno at the beach …discovering hidden treasures …rainbow after the storm …cooking …having an awesome younger brother …beautiful sunsets.

Saturday, 12.11.2010 @ 5:50:32pm

I haven’t done one of my sunset posts in awhile. Truth be told, I haven’t photographed a sunset in awhile…shame, I know. This was taken … Read the rest

Nice To Meet You

Blogging is a funny thing. In a way, it’s like you take your thoughts, ideas, feelings (and photographs) and you blow it out into the … Read the rest

Gentle Hour

We Southern Californians have been blessed with some gorgeous sunsets lately. If you haven’t noticed, you really need to take a moment and treat yourself … Read the rest

Santa Barbara | Going…Going…Gone

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