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September 9, 2016

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I love short weeks, don’t you? Technically we – we as in photographers – don’t really have weekends especially this time of year but there’s still something nice knowing you made it to the end of the week. Now that I think about it, we may be one of the few groups of people who look forward to Mondays. And stress about weekends. But I digress…

dtla loft, living in dtla, dtla, dtla high riseHome sweet home

It’s been a crazy, interesting week for the Lances. So much going on and so many things up in the air right now. We’re in the middle of house hunting and for those of you who have gone through this or going through it now, you GET IT. The LA real estate market is insane. We’re not only looking for a new place because of Baby Boy, but our current lease is up at the end of January. I’m due January 1st. Yeah, timing…not so great. As much as we love love LOVE our place and neighborhood, we don’t want to be locked into another year long lease and it would be smarter for us financially to buy (we’d actually be paying less in mortgage). The thought of possibly having to renovate a home and pack and move right before our baby is due (or right after I give birth) is daunting but I guess this is what they call the nesting phase? I’ve been pinning home decor inspiration hoping it will help me get excited and motivated.

dtla, elopement, rooftop wedding, dtla wedding, dtla rooftop wedding, bhldn, bhldn wedding dress, jilll stuart wedding dress, jenny yoo, jenny yoo wedding dressAnother reason why we love our home – we got married on the rooftop of our building.
Jill Stuart wedding dress (similar) / Jenny Yoo lace topper (both from BHLDN)

Christopher has been working ridiculous hours again now that the Fall TV season is beginning. He’s been on set for one of the shows his company works on and last night came home close to 2am and was back on set again at 9am. Both our schedules will be kind of intense until right before my due date so the next few months are going to be interesting, to say the least. (For those who don’t know, he is a co-owner of a visual effects company here in Los Angeles and in Vancouver. Some of the shows they work/ed on is Gotham, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Stranger Things, and the upcoming shows Lethal Weapon, Training Day, Pitch, and West World on HBO.)

I’m 24 weeks pregnant and feel like I’m growing by the minute. I can’t believe I’ll be in my 3rd trimester in 3 weeks. This is mind blowing to me. Not only has it gone by quickly but of course we only hoped to be where we are now. As for symptoms, I’m starting to feel more tired and heavy and achy. I’ve been craving sushi and sashimi like crazy. I haven’t had any since I found out I was pregnant because I’m not about to take any chances considering how lucky we’ve been thus far. But, I may finally indulge in some when we’re closer to the due date. I told Christopher he better have a box of Sugarfish and a cocktail waiting for me in our hospital room. I was only half joking. (The other thing I’m craving is runny eggs. Ugh, breakfast has not been the same.)

I finally completed our baby registry and guest list for our shower. Let me tell you, I am sooooo glad Christopher and I eloped because just doing what’s probably the 2 easiest tasks in event planning felt like the biggest projects to me. I definitely am not cut out for things like this. Kudos to you event planners and brides and mothers who have big, beautiful weddings and birthday parties. Seriously, RESPECT.

Which brings me to…Things I am thankful for:

  • My talented, amazing girlfriends who are planning our baby shower. In between working, raising their children, and living they’re doing all the grunt work and I couldn’t be more grateful to them. We’re going to have it picnic style at a park and it will include our friends and their families with activities for the kids. Very casual and hopefully fun for everyone. The only thing I didn’t want for our shower was it to be an all girls, formal, stuffy thing and I wanted Christopher to be a part of it since it’s likely we may not go through this experience again and because he’s gone through just as much as I have in this journey.
  • House hunting. Despite it being challenging and discouraging, the fact that owning a home is a possibility is something I’m really thankful about.
  • My in-laws coming to stay with us for a month in January. We’ll need all the help we can get, especially me when Christopher goes back to work after a week long paternity leave. They’ve also offered to help with moving if we have to right after the baby is born. Don’t know what we’d do without them.
  • Not having any weird and uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. I know I’ve been extremely fortunate by having such an easy pregnancy. My mom had really bad morning sickness til she gave birth with both my brother and I. I was so scared I would be the same but I didn’t have any morning sickness throughout the entire pregnancy. I realize this is pretty rare, too, so I’m grateful to be one of the few. I currently don’t have any swelling, my wedding bands still fit, my maternity clothes I purchased in my 1st trimester still fit, sleeping hasn’t been an issue, and overall I feel great. I know the 3rd trimester is a whole different ball game so I’m going to enjoy this time as much as possible.
  • Feeling Baby Boy move. It really is the most magical thing and even though I’ve been feeling him kick and punch for a month now, it’s still the best feeling. Moms have warned me it becomes painful once he gets big and starts getting into your ribs and organs so until that happens, I’m just going to relish in the sweetness of it.

Hope you had a wonderful week and hope your weekend is filled with lots of things to be thankful about! Happy Friday and happy weekend! xo

P.S. I’m doing a really exciting giveaway for you mamas next week so stay tuned!! ;)


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