August 12, 2016

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Sometimes I think I have it all together and then I have weeks like this week where everything feels…ugh. Not that anything terrible happened but I just felt really overwhelmed. It didn’t help that I realized we’re already in the middle of August and we pretty much only have 4 months now to get ready for the baby. (Well, 3 months. I’m hoping to get everything done and ready before December.)

Despite having a challenging week, it wasn’t all bad and stressful. In fact a lot of it was good. There’s always something to be thankful for, right? Plus, I realized Husband and I need a vacation. Or even just a weekend getaway. Time to think about a baby moon! ;)This week I am thankful for…

shih tzu, shih tzu mix, japanese chin, japanese chin mix, rescue dog

  • This little guy who let’s me cuddle and squeeze him when I need to take a breather. Instant stress relief.
  • My cousins. Whatever drama our families may go through, we’ve managed to stick together and stay close.
  • Bachelor in Paradise. Oh. Em. Gee. You guys, it’s like the best and worst thing I’ve watched in a long time. I never watched the previous season but I may just have to watch it, too. (Um, how much kissing can 2 people do in 24 hours?? Ahem, Amanda & Josh.) But seriously, what a great distraction.

sunset, beach sunset

  • L.A. sunsets. They NEVER get old.

Any fun plans this weekend? I have a family session and Husband and I are going to attempt to complete our baby registry. Can’t believe our baby shower is in 2 months!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend filled with love, laughter, and yummy eats! :)

xo Nina

P.S. Back to the baby moon. Where should we go?? We can’t fly anywhere far and can’t take too much time off from work so we’re thinking a weekend getaway somewhere local. Any suggestions?

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