November 11, 2016

2016 presidential elections

Dear friends,

I’m sorry I kind of checked out for a bit including on social media. This week has been…challenging and eye-opening to say the least. The last thing I want to do is get political on this blog but it didn’t feel right to just keep going as if nothing has happened. I promise this will be the only thing I will write about regarding the elections.

Politics has always been something I’ve been invested in and passionate about. I came to this country as an immigrant and the only reason I became a U.S. Citizen was so I can have the right to vote. This was almost 18 years ago and I have voted in every local, state, and national election since. This year’s election was very different for me. For the first time, I voted not only as a citizen of this great country but as a mother. The choices I made, I made with our son and his future in mind.

Tuesday night was hard. And so was Wednesday. And Thursday. And even today I’m still trying to piece things together. I’m not having a difficult time because my candidate didn’t win. I can be a gracious loser. I’m having a difficult time because I’m not really sure how to explain all this to my son when he’s old enough to understand this chapter in our history. How will I keep from breaking down when my son comes home and tells me he was harassed or threatened because he looks different. Or why someone would call his mother a chink and tell her to go back to her country. What if our son is gay or transgender and he is constantly persecuted. How do I protect him? How do I make him see that there is still good in the world?

Although there are many answers we won’t have and explanations that may not make sense, we do know what we will teach our son. We will teach him how to be a good human. To love and accept regardless of race, gender, or sexual preference. That religion and skin color does not define a person. To never tolerate bullying. To stand up for his rights and the rights of others. To have compassion. To understand that everyone is different and that’s what makes this world beautiful. To know that being different is ok and wonderful and nothing to be ashamed about.

America IS a great country and will continue to be if we work together and have respect for one another. I hope we can be empathetic and open to understanding the feelings and view points of others regardless of which “side” you’re on. I hope we can begin to move forward and begin to heal and accept. I hope we can listen to each other with an open heart.

Christopher and I went to bed Tuesday night holding onto each other tighter than usual. We’re even more grateful for the life we have built and will continue to build together. It’s a scary time to bring a child into this world with so many unknowns and so much fear and uncertainty. We’re now more determined to raise him in an open, positive, and understanding home and we will show him how wonderful this world and all the different people in it really are. Most importantly, we will teach him empathy.

Before we fell asleep on Election Night, my husband hugged my belly and spoke to our son: There is always hope, my boy. There is always hope.

And these are the words I will keep clinging onto and will continue to say to our son as he navigates through this journey called life.

xo Nina

P.S. If you feel compelled to share your thoughts, I ask that you keep it positive and respectful. Thank you.

P.P.S. I was reminded of this video this week and thought I’d share.

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  • Reply Aus November 11, 2016 at 9:53 PM

    ive had the same shocked/sad feeling as I did when 9/11 happened ever since drumpf won. Here’s to hoping… I’ve never hoped to be so wrong about someone in my life. Good to know we’re not alone and that there’s always a cold beer at the bar.

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